Acqua di Parma - Shaving Razor and Brush

After a sun drenched weekend at the track or with the wind smashing into your open face helmet on a weekend long motorcycle ride, it’s time to treat that beautiful face of yours to some well deserved TLC ready for the start of a new week.

OK so we are not about to say you should go for a facemask and massage, but you should definitely think about losing the stubble, with what may well be your most important lifetime investment, a razor and shaving brush from Italian shaving kings Acqua di Parma.

Made with a wenge wood and burnished brass handle, the razor combines the brilliance of Italian craftsmanship with the stylish ergonomic design. The shaving brush, again with a matching wenge wood and burnished brass handle, is made from only the finest badger bristles, and ensuring it retains its quality feel over time.

So you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on handcrafted blades, this beauty uses standard Gillette® Mach 3® razor blades. How easy is that?

The razor and Shaving Brush sit neatly on an exquisite stainless steel base, and so Acqua di Parma say are “Perfect for the modern gentleman who wishes to enjoy the ritual of shaving to the full”

This is easily one of the finest shaving sets on the market.

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Acqua di Parma - Shaving Razor and Brush