This fantastic video filmed back in 1976 features an in-depth interview with British Formula 1 world champion James Hunt, often known as ‘Hunt the Shunt’.

Hunt speaks frankly about retirement and racing, his hopes and fears for the future and his thoughts about the very real prospect of dying whilst racing Formula 1 cars. Hunt also talks about the closest he came to death in his Zandvoort 1971 crash and what went through his mind while it was happening.

On a lighter note, Bill Wigmore and Hunt talk about the ‘Pit Lizards’ a name used for the Formula 1 groupies and the temptations and trappings of F1 fame. Wigmore also asks Hunt the now famous question “Are you a playboy?” to which Hunt replies with a big smile on his face “Define a playboy! – I like playing”

This film was made in the year Hunt won the world championship battling it out against Austrian Niki Lauda which was documented in the movie RUSH.