Hot on the tails of the runaway success of hollywood F1 movie ‘Rush’ directed by the legend that is Ron Howard, comes this rather interesting and seemingly more authentic account of the thrills and spills of 1970’s Formula 1.

Featuring interviews from just about anyone who is anyone from the F1 world from outspoken Eddie Jordan to Sir Jackie Stewart, Max Mosley and F1 legends like Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher and Mario Andretti. The film ‘1’ is set in the golden era of F1, where Grand Prix cars were effectively “a mobile bomb” and F1 was “a little bit like a circus act”. Drivers risked their lives every time they stepped in the car in what would become Formula 1’ deadliest period.

Out later this year and narrated by Michael Fassbender, this should be pretty high on any motorsport fans list of films to watch this year! Check out the trailer and get booking those movie seats.