1984 Paris Dakar Porsche 911 (953)

Back in 1984 two two of my most favorite things in the world, the Paris Dakar Rally and the Porsche 911 were about to embark on a beautifully orchestrated, but fairly short lived love affair.

Fresh from his 1983 Dakar race victory Belgian Formula 1 driver Jacky Ickx was provided the now legendary Porsche 953 a heavily modified variant of the 911, developed exclusively for the 1984 Paris Dakar Rally. Using a four-wheel drive system that was the precursor to the system used on the 959, the 953 was often referred to by some as the 911 4×4.

The Paris Dakar Porsche 953 was powered by a 300bhp, six cylinder Porsche power plant and whilst Jacky Ickx did not win the Dakar that year his team mate Frenchman René Metge, in one of three identical Porsche 953’s entered did win, taking overall first place in the car class.

This video from Porsche sees Seven-time Pikes Peak Champion Jeff Zwart drive the Porsche Museum’s Paris Dakar winning Type 953, complete with handwritten notes, stickers and arrows fresh from the Rally. Now that is pretty cool right?