2002 Kawasaki W650 - Hurricane Jane

Project Hurricane Jane was born as a 2002 Kawasaki W650. Production of the W650 ended in 2008 and was superseded by the W800. However that didn’t slow down the team at Maria Riding Company, because they had other plans for this popular Japanese engineered bike.

Inspiration for the Hurricane Jane build originated from the classic cars of the 1960’s, “a golden era when cars were simple and beautiful; silver paintings, brown interiors leathers, shining chrome;” say the Maria crew. Using the 60’s era as the creative inspiration on the build, Luis the Maria ‘Master Mechanic’ and the team quickly set to work, being careful not to overlooking any minute detail.

2002 Kawasaki W650 - Hurricane JaneThe Hurricane Jane’s motor consists of a two-cylinder 650cc engine. Along with the vintage muffler that carries a really lively feel with an impressive rumble that sounds as you open up on the throttle. The engine, although quite quick, isn’t the real shining point of this bike because it’s true style is all about the design and color selection.

The color choices give the W650 Hurricane Jane a classy and elegant feel with the use of gorgeous silvers, greys and blacks. The seat contains a vintage leather brown look that matches up perfectly with the handlebar grips.

If you’re not completely impressed yet, then you will probably be interested in learning that Hurricane Jane was fitted with a Daytona speedometer along with Ace Clubman handlebars. For some more exterior upgrades, the Maria team chose Firestone Deluxe tires topped off with front and rear fenders. Encasing the tires you can find a clean set of alloy rims with brand new spokes and silver painted hubs.

The reason why this particular build is lacking some of the custom upgrades that many of the other creations have, is because the Maria guys wanted to preserve a historic feel without overpowering the overall look with lots of shiny new features. Well looks like they achieved that pretty nicely!

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2002 Kawasaki W650 - Hurricane Jane 2002 Kawasaki W650 - Hurricane Jane 2002 Kawasaki W650 - Hurricane Jane