365 Protective Jacket – Brown

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


This is the 365 Protective Jacket in brown made by Crave using 100% cotton. The 365 Protective Jacket has and interior made of DuPont Kevlar fiber and a lining composition of polyester/Lycra for top protection on the road. The jacket features amid protection lining in the sleeves and back for added safety. The Jacket also comes with a number of pockets, Interior and exterior as well as a phone pocket on the sleeve. The jacket has a high neck protector and hood, perfect for windy conditions, that perfectly sits underneath helmets.

Costing €329 the jacket is great for windy conditions and stormy weather, but also great for longer travels where storage is key. The 365 has a really nice autumn feel to it, better get one now ready.

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