This is the awesome 46 Works BMW R NineT Custom which is part of the four bikes being built in the BMW Motorrad Japan’s NineT custom project. All the bikes bring to the forefront the amazing creative talents of the Japanese bike builders selected to take part in the project and it’s fair to say that we will be seeing much more from these guys in the future over here in the west. It also proves that BMW really did create a bike that can be customised to create literally create whatever you want in a motorcycle.

The 46 Works NineT has a full on racing flavor to it, with lightweight parts reducing the overall weight by 30kg. Ohlins forks have been added and the stock NineT rims have been replaced with Bito R&D Magtans and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tires. 

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46 Works BMW R NineT Custom

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