This recreation of the 1967 Honda super sport 125, achieved by Daryl Villanueva from Bandit 9, looks almost 100% different to the original, however, it is has evolved into something more than a standard bike. Daryl said that he did not want to create a bike that looks like this generation but instead, from the one ahead, and that’s exactly what he did.


The stunning motorcycle doesn’t just have a 125 cc engine, it even features a handful of handcrafted items, with a steel unibody, X front cowl, custom naked speedometer, front suspension, brake lights, steel exhaust and even the leather seats. The breathtaking colour has been achieved by dipping stainless steel into a chrome bath, giving it that terminator t-1000 liquid metal look from terminator 2.  the only downside is that there are only 9 units.


You may be thinking that it looks very delicate, thats where you’re wrong. The bike has been driven on a 2000 km journey over the period of 5 days, Including all kinds of terrain, from asphalt to rock, through desert sand, speedy cornering in the rain and it even shreds across mud. Functional components include unique clip-ons that have dual angles to bring them back closer to the rider while still maintaining the stretched out riding position. They support the new pair of levers and neat metal master cylinders, with custom switches and black grips to break up the metal, a switch that activates the forward facing twin projector lights that are cleverly mounted to the right side of the bike using the fender holes on the fork. with knurled pegs for extra grip even in terrible conditions. The simple speedo reflects its image back over the chrome finish of the metal, and the metal has a whole story of its own.

Bandit9 have really created something beautiful here and this is only the beginning.