78 Speed Motorcycle Glove

These are exclusive pictures of the brand new and pretty awesome 78 ‘Speed’ motorcycle gloves that will be hitting the streets early next year. Designed by UK based 78 Motor Co they are made from a hand stitched Swedish aniline hide with knuckle protection and triple stitching for extra safety and comfort.

They also have several cool little features from cooling fins on the fingers to little buddy tabs to keep together when not in use. The 78 Speed gloves will be available in 2 colors: black or dune (sand).

Also coming next year are their ‘Sprint’ motorcycle gloves that will be made from oiled aniline hide and available in red or tobacco colors.

The 78 Motor Co. is officially launching on the 78th day of next year – March 19th and you will be able to buy yourself a pair of the ‘Speeds’ in selected boutiques, so ‘like’ and keep checking into their Facebook page to find out more!

Photography © Old Empire Motorcycles

78 Speed Motorcycle Gloves 78 Speed Motorcycle Gloves 78 Speed Motorcycle Gloves