Anvil Motociclette’s most recent customer wanted a bike with a classic aesthetic so Marco started to look for the perfect base on the market. The bike that Anvil Motociclette decided to buy was a Suzuki GR 650 from 1984. Marco tells us it was in one of the worst conditions he has ever worked on, “The only reason why we decided to bang our heads, losing hours of sleep invent a way to make it acceptable was its engine.” The Suzuki GR 650 launched in 1943 and only stayed in production for a measly 2 years but Anvil Motociclette decided to transform it, far from its original look.anvil_motociclette_pixie_suzuki_04The customer wanted the bike to be lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to use, the main reason why the GR 650 was chosen. The first thing done was to cut back the frame and rebuild it completely in-house. Marco wanted to give the bike a cafe racer feel and keep the GR 650 light and compact whilst maintaining that classic aesthetic. The handle bars were dropped for two Tommaselli handlebars and the front headlight swapped for a beacon agricultural to fit in between the front forks.anvil_motociclette_pixie_suzuki_06 The stock seat was replaced with a custom saddle in the style of Giluliari 70, an in-house fabrication and  some excess wight was cut of the rear fender. Of course the muffler cones were dropped in favour of two torpedoes from old Norton, a perfect replacement for the GR 650. Both the filter box and tray under the saddle were removed and two cone filters give a little flair to the new mufflers.anvil_motociclette_pixie_suzuki_17 Marco wanted to push the centre of gravity forward and found it easy than first expected. The rear 16″ rims allowed Marco to install a tire shoulder higher than you would normally be able to. The tank is from a Kawasaki S3, two-stroke and modified to fit in the frame. With all these modifications in place the bike was finally painted in the matte black theme.anvil_motociclette_pixie_suzuki_13The end project is an agile and fun bike to ride, but maybe not so much for the longer trips without having the rearstes. Anvil Motociclette have really out-done themselves and the GR 650 has never looked so good. The transformation is amazing and we can’t recommend you enough to go and check it out.

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