BMW: Motorcycles of the Century Book

As much as we all embrace the modern world and consume much of our news and content online now, still nothing beats that feeling of opening up a printed magazine or a freshly printed book for the first time. The smell of the new paper and the feel of the fresh pages is something that I will hard find to completely give up in the techno focussed future. (Before you say it I know I’m a blogger and that arguable we contribute to the lack of printed magazines and books, but hey doesn’t mean I don’t like books too!)

So if you do still like to read through the odd book and you haven’t gone completely digital then order yourself a copy of this book: BMW Motorcycles of the Century. This is guide to all BMW Motorcycles or Motorrad as they are called in Europe from 1923 up until 2000.

Produced to celebrate 90 years of BMW Motorrad, after the first motorcycle the R32 was created in 1923 this is a must have for any owner or enthusiast of vintage or classic BMW motorcycles.

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