This R nineT has been designed by JSK Custom Design with the goal of a fun bike to ride on streets and dirt roads alike. The first order of business was to make it dirt road viable by adjusting the exhaust headers. This keeps the parts clear of dirt and rock and they have been thermo-wrapped and covered with carbon fiber heat shields to stop them burning the riders legs. The headers have tunable Supertrapp silencers attached to them.JSK_JOEsEYE-042The new aftermarket oil cooler has been moved behind the new custom number board with twin LED headlights. A custom tail and fuel tank have been made to weigh less than their stock counterparts. All the aluminum bodywork was passed of to Metal Lab Fabrication to complete.JSK_JOEsEYE-044A digital motogadget speedo was installed at the front along with some carbon fiber handlebars from answer mounted with a clamp from Black Smith Co. K&N filters and a Gears Racing H2 Plus shock were both installed at the rear of the R nineT. The tires are A pair of TKC80s fitted onto the R nineT. A few other parts were swapped out, they can be found over at JSK’s website.JSK_JOEsEYE-035To finish of the build a seat was built as an in-house fabrication. The R nineT was painted in mainly white with the classic BMW motorsport colours thrown on. JSK Custom Design decided to call the R nineT the Chocolate Slider. The bike has an excellent tone to it and defiantly looks great to ride around a dirt track.

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