Bucket List Adventure Map


Its the journey, not the destination‘……or at least it was until now, with the launch of the King of Fuel ‘Bucket List Adventure Map’, featuring top auto and bike meccas alongside some of the most beautiful riding and driving roads on the planet. What started out as a small euro bike trip planning tool has now become a bucket list of destinations that should feature on any car or bike aficionado’s wish list. 

Currently the map is limited to Europe –  race tracks, roads and passes and places to visit, but the grander vision is to include global curation, which will also feature places of auto cultural interest and historic routes. As an example we have replicated (as closely as possible) the original Mille Miglia route in Italy, which dates back to the late 19th century.

In sharing this project, we hope to inspire the spirit of adventure whether on two wheels or four. Given the size of the task we would welcome hearing from readers from all global regions, of great roads to ride/drive and destinations that should make the bucket list. You can email us at [email protected] for our curation team to review and assess for inclusion. If your suggestion does makes it onto the map we will send you a small token gift as a thank you. Now stop reading this and start planning your next adventure!