Cherry’s Company XG750TURBO Street Fighter

So how do you take a standard Harley Davidson XG750 and turn it into one of the biggest and baddest bikes of the show? This is how.

It will come as no surprise to regular King of Fuel readers that we are simply in love with the custom projects that the amazing team at Japan’s Cherry’s Company build. So it will also come as no surprise that their last show stopping build and arguably their most notable to date the BMW R NineT Fighter was the most popular motorcycle we have ever featured on these pages.

We are waiting for some more pics of this bad ass bike to come through, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you, so here she is, Cherry’s Company Harley Davidson XG750 Turbo ‘Street Fighter’ built for the 2015 MoonEyes Show in Japan. Featuring a turbo charged intercooler and some Dunlop slicks to top it off.