Custom Lids

Making a big statement at the moment in the European Custom Motorcycle scene are Malta based ‘Custom Lids’. Using standard Biltwell open face helmets and with the help of local artists Jeff and his team are creating some amazing one-of-a-kind, custom hand painted motorcycle helmets of which no two are ever alike!

The helmets that we have featured here have been designed and hand painted by a local Maltese artist Rebecca Bonaci and you can see more of Rebecca’s other work here on her portfolio website.

Safety of course is guaranteed with the awesome Biltwell DOT approved ‘canvases’. So not only will you look look good you can feel safe at the same time!

The Custom Lids Online Shop will be up and running soon, expanding their market globally so US and international readers take note, you too will soon be able to order yourselves one of these custom bad boys! Become a fan on their Facebook page for updates and sneak peaks of their latest and greatest Custom Lids! Jeff tells us here at King of Fuel that more designs are on there way, so we will be keeping a close eye out for the next designs!

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