Deus Café Scorpio Motorcycle

If you aren’t already familiar with the Café Scorpio Motorcycle, then you probably don’t know much about Dues ex Machina’s style of customized motorcycles either. Here’s a quick refresher course before we jump into the striking creation of the Café Scorpio. Deus ex Machina came into the Australian scene of custom motorcycles in 2006.

As you can imagine, this extreme group of motorcycle enthusiasts wanted to do something more than just own and ride their own bikes, they wanted to create masterpieces that could be appreciated by many others all around the world. Their headquarters, where you can find the Dues ex Machina showroom, a café, and the breeding grounds for custom parts and hand-built motorcycles, is located in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.

Deus Café Scorpio Motorcycle

Although the Café Scorpio is in a lineup with dozens of other amazing bikes from Deus Customs, it is very special in many ways, which makes it quite a unique and exclusive build. The Deus master mechanics began this design at their headquarters in Sydney. Starting out as a modest Yamaha 225, a lightweight dual-purpose motorcycle that was perfectly suited for many applications, quickly developed into an innovatively crafted custom motorcycle. But what exactly happened during this dreamlike transformation?

What Deus Customs essentially did was completely drop it as low as physically possible and then they chopped it up as much as possible while remaining aesthetically appealing. What resulted was a perfect blend of octane infused machinery combined with a lean, mean mixture of fully customized parts. Not only that, but to top it off they tossed on a custom Deus tank, light alloy clip-on drop bars and a black Daytona speedometer.

What’s more is that the stylish rear Daytona shocks flow perfectly with the nicely polished aluminum alloy brake and clutch controls for a fully functioning motorcycle that will hold up under any condition.

Worried about not being seen or heard on the road? Have no fear, because the down low custom exhaust was specifically chosen for the Café Scorpio to make sure that everyone is aware that there’s an awesome Dues Customs designed motorcycle passing through. The great news is that this bike is currently in stock and ready to meet its new owner.

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