Dominator GTX gloves from REV’IT

King of Fuel Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Dominator GTX

The Dominator GTX gloves form REV’IT are purposefully designed for all weather conditions using Gore grip technology. They’re designed to insulate your hands in cold conditions and keep hands dry as you perspire in hot conditions. The thumb, fingers and palm are all made with dual comp protectors to ensure adequate airflow. In short the gloves are great no mater where you plan on going.

Fully adjustable wrist and cuffs makes these gloves perfect for longer rides in many conditions. Full details on all materials can be found on REV’ITs website as well as all other details. Just like the dominator GTX jacket, the gloves are available in two styles, one being sand-red and the other grey-blue. Both styles look really nice but you will have check them out for yourself. if your already picking up a dominator GTX jacket the Dominator GTX gloves will be a nice addition to your purchase.


Dominator GTX