The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc

One of the more recent custom cycles by Deus Ex Machina is The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc, marketed as a sturdy bike that is “slick as Texas tea and twice as loud”. The design of this impressive machine was inspired by the classic movie “Les Mans” starring Steve McQueen which featured a Porsche 917 model.

For the new update, Deus Ex Machina started with a Yamaha Scorpio 255 and gave it a massive overhaul. The designers’ “less is more” approach is an excellent example of what you can do when you take off all of the unnecessary frills and add some useful functional enhancements instead.

The battery box was relocated and the air box was pulled off in the first round of mods. The rear wrapped exhaust addition makes a sweet sound as the four valve single engine revs up. With too many modification to list, a great deal of attention was paid in the design of this one of a kind machine. The construction orange color of the frame combined with the chunky Avon Distanzia Tires and the “Gulf” logo painted on the gas tank really give The Flug a visual style that is reminiscent of those older models of Porche racing bikes of yesteryear.

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The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0002 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0003 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0004 The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0009 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0008 The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0006 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0005 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0011 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0012 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0013 The-Flug-Yamaha-Scorpio_0014 The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc The Flug Yamaha Scorpio 255cc