Gentlemen Lift your Skirts – A BBC Horizon F1 documentary was filmed back in 1981, straight off the back of Australian, Alan Jones’s 1980 Formula 1 world championship with Williams F1. This BBC film follows the team during their winter testing at the Paul Ricard Circuit, France and the brand new Williams FW07C.

This was the era of the supremely successful ‘ground effect’ cars, that teams like Williams were able to heavily capitalise on, whereas the highly funded manufacturer teams such as Ferrari and Renault were left unable to make the most of the new technology. With pressure on the FIA to ban ground effects or risk losing the major players of the sport changes to the sport were afoot!

All this and the day before testing, tire supplier Goodyear pulled out of supplying tires for the 1981 season because of this FIA ban on ground effects ‘skirts’.

This is F1, Williams and Alan Jones at their best, so clear 45 minutes and watch a watch a very fine trip down Formula 1 memory lane.