German Submariners Das Boot Jumper vs American A1 Engineer Jumper

So when it comes to motorcycle base layers, these days we are spoilt with a range of hi-tech, hi-warmth, hi-cost options that ensure we can still function as human beings when the temperature drops a few degrees south of the comfort zone.

70 years ago things were a little different and post WWII as the motorcycle boom began to take hold, riders were left with few options and little choice to stay warm but their trusty old favorites from their service days.

The German BMW riders adopted the Das Boot Jumper and the American Harley Davidson boys the A1 Engineer Jumper. But which is the best? You decide…

German Submariners Das Boot Jumper

German Submariners Das Boot Jumper

This German Submariners Das boot Jumper became the most reliable bit of kit when it came to base layers worn by BMW riders back in the post second world war days of the 1950’s and 60’s.

In contrast to the allied submariners, German U-boat submariners were issued this heavy weight wool and über warm zip-neck jumper with a brass zip. If you’re keen on keeping it authentic when cruising on the beemer, then you best get one of these bad boys and stay toasty warm. Available in a range of sizes and in Blue prices are around $150.00.

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American A1 Engineer jumper

American A1 Engineer Jumper

Developed by the USAAF this is the American A1 Engineer Jumper designed to keep engineers and mechanics warm when operating in harsh European winters.

Worn by none other than ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen in the Great Escape, postwar the A1 Engineer jumper became popular with US bikers and as motorcycles and choppers became more and more popular in the late 1940’s and early 50’s this was a natural choice to stay warm for ex-servicemen when on the open road. Available in a range of sizes and in khaki green prices are around $130.00.

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