The wild wild 60’s!

In this third and final part of the brilliantly produced: Golden era of NASCAR documentary, the story focuses on what was often labeled the wild wild 60’s with the birth of drafting and the introduction to NASCAR of such legends as Robert Glenn Johnson, Jr. more commonly known as ‘Junior Johnson’.

Bootlegging moonshine as soon as he could reach the pedals, Junior was asked by his brother if he would enter his liquor car in a race at the local North Wilkesboro Speedway. Finishing in second place, Junior was quickly drafted into NASCAR and won an amazing five races in his first year.

Retiring at the young age of 35 in 1966 Junior had amassed a staggering 50 NASCAR victories and eventually made the transition into team ownership. As a team owner Junior Johnson won six Winston cup titles and 3 in a row in the 70’s (a NASCAR record) and once asked if the General Motors engineers ever come down to help him out, he famously replied “No, they come down and I help THEM out!”

It really is a well put together NASCAR documentary so clear an hour, sit back and enjoy!