Haynes Red Bull Racing

We all know how important Haynes manuals have been to every single auto enthusiast in the world and most probably our fathers and grandfathers too, but did you ever realise how important they are to modern Formula 1 teams, especially the likes of Red Bull Racing?

OK maybe that’s not strictly true and perhaps they don’t all stand around in the pit garage, with oily rags hanging out their mouths and dirty hands thumbing through a crumbling copy of a 20 year old Haynes Manual, but either way Haynes has added their magic touch to the Red Bull RB6 Formula 1 car. A car designed of course by the top dog himself Adrian Newey and driven to championship glory in 2010 by four times world champion Sebastian Vettel.

There is a forward by Redbull team boss Christian Horner and Adrian Newey and some great insight into the design, technology and engineering of the Redbull F1 car as well as a look at the inner working of Red Bull racing.

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