Hide Motorcycle (Hidemo) Custom BMW R nineT

This is Hide Motorcycle’s (Hidemo) custom BMW R nineT motorcycle that is part of the BMW Motorrad Japan Custom Project. Again proving that Japanese custom bike builders are in a league of their own when it comes to builds like this, this entry has somewhat of an late 70’s early 80’s vibe to it. The wheels are stock NineT and not many more modifications were made, but the body work really is the defining part of this build. Hideya Togashi wanted the bike to be simple but with a big impact, and so modifications and fabrications were kept to a bare minimum. Who wouldn’t want to get on and ride this beauty?

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Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_01 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_02 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_03 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_04 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_05 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_06 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_07 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_08 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_09 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_10 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_11 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_12 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_13 Hide-Motorcycle-(Hidemo)-Custom-BMW-R-nineT_14