Holographic Hammer

In the custom bike world it’s not always about the guys with the tools, the overalls and the dirty hands. It all starts with a concept, a design that is first lovingly nurtured in the mind of a designer and then put down on paper in a sketch and then on screen.

Not often do we get see all the work that goes in a bike build before hand, more often than not we only get to see the finished motorcycle or project photos. Well, all that is about to change because quite frankly it would be a crime to not show you the work of BMW Motorrad designer Sylvain Berneron, AKA the Holographic Hammer.

Also a designer for Café Racer Dreams, the Munich based Holographic Hammer produces nothing short of masterpieces when it comes to motorcycle concept design.

If you haven’t already I would definitely check out and follow his Facebook Page as there are constant updates and concept choices for you to comment on and like. If you like what you see, hop over to his Society 6 Page and grab yourself some of his masterpieces in print form. Prices start at as little as $23.00. I literally cannot wait to get some prints on my office wall.

Buy yours online here

Holographic-Hammer_0007 Holographic-Hammer_0009 Holographic-Hammer_0006 Holographic-Hammer_0005 Holographic Hammer Holographic-Hammer_0002 Holographic Hammer Holographic Hammer