Honda CB750 Mk2 by deBolex

This stunning looking motorcycle is the deBolex Mk2 Honda CB750, commissioned by a professional photographer living in London who was tired of getting around the city on the Tube. He wanted a bike with zip, style, and easy maneuverability through the crowded London streets. The client also wanted a bike that didn’t take a lot of maintenance or that needed hours of polishing each weekend and the result is this awesome looking beast, created using a 1981 Honda CB750.

From the worn leather seat to the rust-sprinkled paint job on the bare metal gas tank, this motorcycle has a finish that just keeps on giving, looking better and better with age like a fine wine! Still rocking the original wheels and suspension and sporting a rear light that’s recessed into the rear loop looking as if this was always meant to be there.

Honda CB750 Mk2 by deBolex

With a customized ignition barrel strategically placed under the brat style seat that is covered in weathered leather usually reserved for making shoes, this bike has the perfect rustic vibe that the owner was looking for. Dunlop dual terrain tires and a custom titanium wrapped exhaust gives this bike the final kick for weaving in and out of the rush hour traffic with the perfect combination of intimidation and power.

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