Honda CB750 by Motohangar

I’ve seen this bike around for a while now, but until now couldn’t track down the shop that built her. Well now I have and I’m keen to showcase this bad boy which has come for the skilled hands and creative brains from the team at Vienna, VA based Motohangar.

Using a 1976 Honda CB750 modifications include a Suzuki Trails headlight, jet black paint job with a two tone black and white tank, low profile leather seat, Super Trapp exhaust, and newly black powder coated rims lovingly gifted the pretty essential Firestone Deluxe tyres.

Honda CB750 by Motohangar

Let me tell you this isn’t the only beautiful Custom Honda that these guys have produced. Not by a long shot, hop on over to their website and marvel at the majesty of these Kings of Custom.

Visit the website

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