The Italian Sniper Ducati SS750 by Maria Motorcycles

Not the usual type of bike that we see from the guys over at Maria Motorcycles in Portugal but boy does it look every inch as good as the rest of their projects. As with all the Maria builds the main objective is add ‘personality’ to the bike so it was a bit of a challenge to add something special to the aggressive looking Ducati SS.

The frame was modified and shortened, with a single cafe racer style seat and cowl added. The engine was swapped out for an SS900 giving it bags more grunt, and the clutch cover was cut in half so you can see the inner working of the beast!

 The Italian Sniper Ducati SS750 by Maria Motorcycles

The Sniper was completely rewired with all the visible wires hidden, and boxed under the tank, and the tank much like the frame is original but shortened with some of the lines changed to blend in with the frame. A firetrap exhaust was fitted with all terrain tires from Avon and the brown leather seat that we see on so may Maria bikes, completes the look with Brooks leather grips.

The paint job. Well what can I say… does it ever get much better than this? Bare steel frame with chromed engine covers, foot pegs and suspension trees. The dark blue tank and seat cowl with the white racing stripe does just about everything it can to contribute to the personality of this beautiful build; the Italian Sniper. Somehow the name just fits.

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The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_01 The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_03 The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_04 The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_05 The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_07 The-Italian-Sniper-Ducati-SS750-by-Maria-Motorcycles_08