Kaufmann Mercantile – Soft Leather Weekend Bag

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Inspired by mid-century World War II designs, with a particular influence from the Swiss mule belt used by the Swiss army, this Soft Leather Weekend Bag made by Canadian designer Stephen Kenn, has been created with the intention of lasting a lifetime and more. Looking like a well-loved heirloom it’s intended to be passed down from generation to generation and with its lightly worn effect, already looks like it already has a few tales to tell.

The bag features adjustable handles for hand or shoulder carry, but no pockets on the inside, with designer Stephen encouraging the owner to use the zip-top organisers.


Made in Los Angeles, USA, from Vegetable Tanned Leather this Soft Leather Weekend Bag is available to purchase now at Kaufmann Mercantile along with more information about, the dimensions, use & care and how the bag is made. Priced at $959.00, this may well be the best and last weekend bag you ever need to buy.

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