Kawasaki W650 - Blue Swingbob

This is Deus Ex Machinas’s take on the Kawasaki W650, labeling the finished design the “Blue Swingbob”. Some simple modifications have created a very interesting final custom motorcycle that is getting a great deal of attention. And it is more than just the baby blue and white paint job, giving the bike that “old school” feeling of a hipper generation.

Deus Customs began by lowering the Kawasaki W650 by 35mm. Chopped versions of the standard handlebars were added and the seat was modified slightly while still retaining the flip-up and key features. An SR400 gas tank was switched out and a custom battery box was also part of the new look.

When you include the standard rims, the Daytona headlight, and Bobber rear guard, you get a whole new motorcycle that is turning heads and attracting a lot of attention from bike lovers around the world.

The two-tone paint job is what really makes this bike stand out, which is how the machine became known as the Blue Swingbob. Custom pipes, a custom mounted speedo, and high profile Firestone tires are the icing on the cake of this impressive vintage style beauty!

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Kawasaki W650 - Blue Swingbob Kawasaki W650 - Blue Swingbob Kawasaki W650 - Blue Swingbob