Land Rover TV Commerical

I found these Land Rover TV Commercial concepts on a CD I had kicking around in my attic a few days ago. They were produced by an advertising agency in London, England a good 10 years ago when I working as a Freelance Graphic Designer.

I remember keeping hold of them because they looked so damn good even back then, and now, ten years on the Land Rover Brand is stronger than ever. I’m not sure if they were ever used or formed any part of a TV commercial campaign but I seem to remember they were designed to highlight how Land Rover is used as the trusted vehicle by Emergency Services all around the globe.

You can clearly see the Lifeboat and Mountain Rescue versions and all with a mix of Land Rover models from the Freelander to the Defender. Be good to know if any of you guys remember seeing any commercial or magazine adverts with these images or concepts in?

Land Rover TV Commercial Land Rover TV Commerical Land Rover TV Commercial landrover04 landrover05 landrover07 Land Rover TV Commercial landrover09