Jeremy Cupp is the owner of LC Fabrications and has built his newest addition called ‘seven’. The main feature of this Harley inspired build is the bare metal with very little paint. Another very distinctive feature of Seven is the engine. As mentioned earlier a large portion of Seven is inspired from the Harley Davidson CAC Speedway Racer.Custom-Buell-Ducati-Motorcycle-34The engine is created from a combination of 3 other engines. Jeremy used a Ducati head, a Buell cylinder and a Triumph gearbox to created his own custom engine. Of course the parts had to be heavily modified to run smoothly together. The Buell Blast engine was the starting point of the build with all modifications taking place around this.Custom-Buell-Ducati-Motorcycle-25The cam chest was changed to use idler gears and a lower belt pulley. The transmission was swapped for a modern alternative, a Triumph hydraulic clutch slave. A custom frame was created out of steel tubes to house all the new components. Jeremy built an oil and fuel tank, rear fender and engine shield all from aluminium.Custom-Buell-Ducati-Motorcycle-27The front suspension is made from Showa upside down forks and springers. The Showa forks now act as dampeners as they have had their springs remove. Jeremy has made another creation called the ‘Hydro-springer’ which is designed to be attached to the Harley’s glide frame. Seven has not been painted and has the metal on show, giving an interesting look.

Custom-Buell-Ducati-Motorcycle-5The build is very unique and it show in the finished project. Jeremy has created a bike that is interesting but also gives good performance. There are plenty of other builds to check out at LC Fabrications.

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