Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

The beautiful Lotus C-01 Motorcycle design is from the same creative brain; Daniel Simon who also happened to design the Tron Legacy Motorcycle. Remember that? Yup, that’s pretty damn cool too.

Enjoying a water cooled, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, 75° V-twin engine producing around 200 BHP and utilizing oodles of carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace grade steel, the Lotus C-01 will be produced under licence from Lotus by Kodewa. Available in a range of liveries, which all in their own way pay homage to the sporting pedigree and history of the Lotus brand. What’s your favorite?

Read more here on the official Lotus Motorcycles website

Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_01 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_02 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_03 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_04 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_05 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_06 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_07 Lotus-C-01-Motorcycle_09