From the producer of Grand Prix: The Killer Years, this reflective look at the crazy years of Group B Rallying during the 1980’s where Formula One played second fiddle, is something of a must watch for any true motorsport fan.

Chilling and often harrowing at times, this documentary tells the story of the fastest rallying there has ever been, and quite frankly is likely to ever be. During the 1980’s de-regulation of rallying opened the way for some of the most thrilling and dangerous rally cars every to be produced like the iconic Audi Quattro, Metro 6R4 and the Ford RS200.

Unlike Group A that required there be at least 5,000 mass-produced units of the base rally car model, Group B had very few restrictions like no restrictions on boost but more importantly only 200 base models needed to produced. During the ‘crazy years’ of Group B, (introduced in 1982) rally cars increased from a fairly pedestrian 250bhp to a pant wetting 500bhp by the final year of Group B in 1986.

With the success of Group B, came faster, more powerful and unfortunately more dangerous rally cars that by the mid 80’s had resulted in a number of driver and spectator fatalities. The initial success that manufactures enjoyed and embraced, quickly became something of an uncontrollable monster and Group B Rally was swiftly cancelled.

Still known to many of the drivers of the day as the most exiting cars to have ever graced the world rally circuits, it’s quite likely we will never see anything like group B rally again.

This documentary is 60 minutes of Rally magic. Check it out!