Maria Motorcycles recently had a client with an infamous Ducati GT 1000 wanting a custom build to bring out an aggressive look from this monster of a machine. The GT 1000 was barley ridden and the client wanted a few upgrades to the looks and the performance. Maria motorcycles managed to get a fairing and tail from the US. As fate would have it, a friend was selling some Paul smart parts for the GT 1000. Both a tank and fairing bracket were bought. A custom seat topped the main modifications off.ducati-gt-1000-2A combo of clip-ons and grips from LSL were added and the foot peddles were neatened up. The rear fender was also cleaned up with the front being left alone. Due to restriction the mirrors and lights were all removed, only a small fog light was put in the faring. To give a vital boost to the GT 1000 a two-into-one Termignoni system was thrown on. Pietro Gianesin from GMP Racing also revamped the ECU for the GT 1000.ducati-gt-1000-3The suspension was tuned for the client’s preference and a Bitubo setup at the rear was installed. The last thing done to the bike was to find a suitable paint scheme. Maria Motorcycles wanted to incorporate glamour and style but also give the bike a racing theme. The bike was designed from the classic racing stripes and the logo was also done with a similar racing style.ducati-gt-1000-5The team decided to go with a predominately red, white, and black color palette but also added in a splash of blue. The name ‘Bloody fang’ came about from the new look of the GT 1000. The aggressive look of the bike really shows and the racing theme compliments this very well. I love the improvements made to the bike and having such an excellent base to start with, Maria Motorcycles have really outdone themselves.

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