They don’t make them like they used to! That is especially true when it comes to a motorsport or a F1 documentary. This Inside track F1 documentary made in 1992 focuses on the outrageously successful Honda Marlboro McLaren Formula 1 car.

This of course was back in the day when F1 cars where 3.5 Liter engined monsters with six speed transmissions. – The 1992 McLaren MP4/7 featured in this film was the first ever semi-automatic McLaren F1 car.

With some great footage coming off the back of his 1991 World Championship, Ayrton Senna along with his 1992 teammate 10 times F1 race winner Gerhard Berger talk about the their personal relationship with each other and with the car. Also we see a young looking Ron Dennis talking about the years of dominance of McLaren yet to be replicated by the UK based team in modern F1.

Also very strange to see so much advertising by cigarette brand Marlboro, it wasn’t that long ago that it was banned in the sport, but in that short time we seem to have very quickly forgotten how much money it contributed to the teams and how big of a part it played in the sponsorship of the races and cars. Also very interesting to see the ‘modern, high-tech’ McLaren Factory of 1992. I wonder if anybody had any idea what it would look like today!

Well worth a watch to see what we all thought was ‘about as good as it would ever’ get when it comes to motorsport excellence at the top level!