Merlin - OEM’s Kawasaki W650

This awesome looking beast is OEM’s first attempt at a custom parallel twin, although you wouldn’t know it and their first ever Kawasaki W650 custom. We have seen some lovely looking projects being created by Rafe and the team over the last year or two and the Merlin is no exception.

Created for a customer based in Amsterdam it was left to the OEM team to forge their own unique take on the W650 and deliver a bike that’s up their with the best W650 customs ever created!

“The Japanese take on a 650cc parallel twin provides the perfect basis upon which this gentlemen’s ‘cafebrat’ is built around. The Merlin sits on plenty of Coker rubber in a stance that has been manipulated to get a suitably aggressive angle of attack although its colour scheme using deep dark greens and golds gives the overall build a refined and subtle look and feel.”

Merlin - OEM’s Kawasaki W650

The front forks were replaced with Ducati USD’s helping to drop the front, and the rims were kept at 18” but a wider front was added to accommodate the slick looking Coker tires. Raising the back end by an inch or so and helping to give the Merlin it’s aggressive almost streetfighter stance, custom Hagon rear shocks were fitted.

The tank remains stock but raised a little at the rear and now with leather scallops inserted to maintain the aesthetics and lines. More leather details can be found in the shape some Brooks hand dyed custom leather grip wraps and the OEM logo is clear to see on the custom speedometer face.

The exhaust is of course custom made specifically for the Merlin, and the black satin powder coated frame and dark green smokey high gloss paint by Black Shuck Kustoms completes the stunning look.

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