Parilla Wildcat

Parilla Motorcycles? Heard of them before? Well Deus Australia have and this is their latest custom creation. Turns out one of their engineers, Chris, is a hardcore Parilla fan and has been working on these post war beauties for a number of years. So what’s the story behind the this little known Italian motorcycle manufacture then?

“In the 1940’s an Italian family tore apart a Norton and while putting it back together figured that they could do better.  Shortly after, an overhead cam single came out of a small factory near Milano and the Parilla name was born. In typical Italian fashion the bike was designed to be a road bike and a weekend club racer.”

Fast forward to the 1970’s and Parilla’s journey was over, sinking without a trace and know to only a few devotee’s like Chris. To read more, hop on over to Deus Customs Australia or go buy the T-shirt!

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