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There are some pretty tough rally’s out there in the world like the iconic Dakar Rally, the Silk Road Race and lets not forget the one month-long Mongol Rally, but none of them hold a touch to the Peking to Paris Motor challenge.

Since the early pioneers first drove from Peking to Paris in 1907 the entrants have been driving the unimaginable distance in vintage and classic cars. That’s right Vintage and Classic! No high performance, tuned engined, factory supported, air-conditioned 4×4’s with air jacks and GPS. Oh no these guys are pure old school, all the way.

The Peking to Paris route drives from China, through Mongolia, then into Russia and westwards to the Ukraine, Slovakia and Europe on route to the triumphal finish in Paris. The challenge takes a mere 33 days to complete and covers a total of 7,610 miles.

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Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2013 from paul brace on Vimeo.

Participants are mix of enthusiasts from around the globe, with many American, British and Australian entrants. The cars are classified based on age and engine size including: Vintage cars (1920 to 1931 type cars), Vintageant cars (1932 to 1941 type cars), Classic cars up to 2Ltr (1942 to 1975) and Classic cars over 2Ltr (1942 to 1975).

Cars in the 2013 Rally include the likes of 2 x 1965 Porsche 911s, a 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SE, a whole bunch of 1930 Ford Model As, a 1940 Studebaker President and a 1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost no less.

The next Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is not until 2016 which gives you plenty of time to get your classic or Vintage car out of the garage and ready for a trip half way around the world!

Visit the official Enduro Rally Website here

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