This is Part 1 of Champions Forever: The Formula One Drivers, a Formula 1 documentary released in 1975 which had the original title of ‘One by One’ and then was re-released in 1978 with the title ‘The Quick and the Dead’.

Directed by Claude Du Boc and narrated by Stacey Keach the film focusses on the the fragility of life and the likeliness of death for Formula One drivers of the 70’s. Packed with unprecedented access to the top F1 drivers like Jackie Stewart, Francois Cevert, Mike Hailwood and Peter Revson which would seem all but impossible in today’s F1 world.

Featuring some pretty harrowing footage of fatal Formula 1 crashes, the documentary also features an awesome 70’s soundtrack and some spectacular raw race footage, shot and directed beautifully, which will either take you right back to the day when you stood by the side of the track, or for us too young to have been there, show what awesome looking and sounding machines these 1970’s Grand prix cars really were.

It’s 100 minute documentary but it feels more like a cinematic feature film, and let me tell you it’s something that every Formula 1 or motorsport fan should watch at least once in their life.

Watch Part 2 here