Rockerz V.3

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


The Rockerz V.3  is a new slim fit jacket from the UglyBros. Made out of coated fabric with 97% cotton. The jacket is made in a casual style, designed for use in everyday life. The jacket is also equipped with CE approved removable protectors for the shoulders and elbows, perfect for riding your bike or casual use. The jacket also features an adjustable waist buckle and wrist zippers, with the UglyBros logo on the sleeves.

Rockerz V.3 costs $449 and is perfect for a short casual trip on your bike to anywhere locally or for general use. For a full size chart, check out UglyBros website and consider giving the Rockerz V.3 a go. The jacket is made to be comfortable to wear and to ride with for all situations.

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