RSD Suzucati

This awesome looking monster started out life as a Ducati 999 and after only 3,000 miles was crashed and done. It sat around at West Coast Customs for a couple of years before they guys at RSD got their hands on it and started to work their magic. (Again after another couple of years of sitting around amongst a pile of other junk).

Were not sure anyone has seen such a messed up mix of bike parts before, but somehow this RSD Suzucati looks like some kind of Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome creation with a scary looking post apocalyptic feel to it. It’s so wrong, it’s right.

RSD-Suzucati_01 RSD-Suzucati_02 RSD-Suzucati_03 RSD-Suzucati_05 RSD-Suzucati_06 RSD-Suzucati_14 RSD-Suzucati_15 RSD-Suzucati_17 RSD-Suzucati_19

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