Schott CAF1Leather Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is the awesome Schott CAF1 Vintaged Steerhide Leather Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket, which I should add is one of my personal favorite’s from the Schott Motorcycle Jacket range. The CAF1 comes with cotton plaid lining and inside stash pocket, for those all important rides when you just never seem to have enough room to take all your essentials. It’s slim fit so looks damn good when you hop off your motorcycle and is made from Vintaged Steerhide Leather so you will be safe and sound when riding around.

Available in black and from sizes XS – 2XL, the CAF1 is priced from $850, so isn’t small change, but a timeless classic like this is more of an investment than a one season wonder.

Buy yours online from the official Schott NYC website