Silly Kid - Triumph Bonneville by Maria Motorcycles

This is the Silly Kid Triumph Bonneville, the latest project to leave the workshop of Lisbon based Maria Motorcycles, and created under the watchful eyes of Master Mechanic Luis Correia.

It’s second visit to Maria, the Silly Kid was one of their first projects, and back in for the team to work even more of their magic. Originally a 2006 Triumph Bonneville, the owner was looking for something more radical, and more than happy to strip it bare to within the realms of what might be, shall we say ‘strictly legal’.

Silly Kid - Triumph Bonneville by Maria Motorcycles

Luis says that it’s more fun to ride than any Bonnie they have ever built before, and quite frankly it looks like it too. Jealousy is a cruel mistress, but in the case of this beauty, a mistress I’m prepared to give in to.

Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_01 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_02 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_03 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_05 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_06 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_08 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_09 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_10 Silly-Kid---Triumph-Bonneville-by-Maria-Motorcycles_11

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