The Skully AR-1 is one of the newest, most exciting motorcycle helmets available on the market right now with an estimated launch date in July 2015. The AR-1 helmet is intended to eliminate distraction, remove blind spots and provide a Satnav/GPS on the built in heads up display. The Skully AR-1 also comes fully equipped with a pretty impressive 180 degree rear-view camera to see everything around you truly making blind spots a thing of the past.

Skully are aiming to change the way we think about helmets, with the emphasis still firmly on safety and head protection, but now with the aim to enhance our senses and increase our awareness on the road. – This might actually be one of the best developments in Motorcycle safety in recent years.

Skully are also talking about the prospect of Apps available to integrate into their OS, and are currently inviting developers to partner up. So watch this space for even more features and exciting new developments.

Available to pre-order in one of six different models, you can reserve a Skully AR-1 with a $499 deposit and a further $949 on shipment, or fork out for the original prototype at a price of $25,000 if you are feeling particularly flush!

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Skully AR-1 Helmet

Skully AR-1 Helmet