Speed Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Speed Leather Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

When looking for a new pair of motorcycle gloves you need to ensure that they are going to last, fit comfortably and be extremely safe, and the Speed Gloves from 78 Motor Co. are exactly that. Lovingly hand crafted, the Speeds are everything you could want and need from a pair of leather gloves, and more. Shaped and stretched to fit your hands perfectly, with flexible leather making movement easy and comfortable, the vintage design has modern protection, with discreet inner steel carbon knuckle protection ensuring you don’t need to compromise.

Whether you want to buy modern gloves with protection or vintage ones without, the 78 Speed glove covers it all.

Hand cut from the finest Scandinavian hide, double stitched panels and cooling fins that direct air up your sleeves, they offer an all round amazing experience when you wear them. Lined with poly-satin makes wearing these gloves for a long period of time, effortless and comfortable.

Speed Leather Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

As you open the packaging you know that they were made with care. The finishing touches create a stunning design that is classic, stylish and of an extremely high quality, with each individual detail combining to make the perfect pair of gloves. Did we mention the cool embossed logo too!? Nice touch.

There are 3 colours available: Nappa Black, Dune and Farina Grey, which is what we have right here, and in my opinion the best colour option. Sizes range from S – XL.

Speed Leather Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

We’ve been watching the exciting new brand that is 78 develop over the past couple of years, and the resulting products, designed and made without compromise are nothing short of triumphant. If this is a taste of what’s to come, then I want my head in a 78 helmet the second they hit the shops.

Grab yourself a pair of Speed’s now for £78 (yep we noticed it’s 78!) and ride safe.

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