The era of the smartwatch is in full effect, as companies such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and many others have decided to make the jump to the ever-growing world of connectivity through intelligent wrist wear.

But it was only a matter of time before a major player in the watch market would take that step further, and provide the first true premium smartwatch. In early November 2015, TAG Heuer unveiled their new “Connected” timepiece, which provides a timepiece that is instantly recognisable. Nevertheless, it helps to keep your world moving, in terms of connectivity.

Partnering up with tech giants Google and Intel was nothing short of a masterstroke from this powerhouse within the mechanical watch company. The new “Connected” sports the latest in Android Wear software, which is compatible with either iOS or Android devices.

Costing around $1,650 (£1,100), it will help to expand TAG Heuer’s reach within the sports arena, with apps being able to run via the new timepiece for golf, motor racing and much more.

This, along with signing with F1 champions Red Bull Racing, will help their image no end, especially with further expansion towards a potential younger client base.

Made out of titanium with a choice of seven rubber strap colours, the watch weighs just a mere 81 grams in total, sporting a 46mm bezel, which houses a 1.5 inch LCD touch display.

This new timepiece also sports interchangeable watchfaces, which even includes the Carrera chronograph that is synonymous with the brand, has 4GB of storage for any music, is splash proof and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass.

One of the great things about buying the “Connected” is that after two years, the owner has the opportunity to trade in the timepiece, and for an additional fee, can upgrade to one of the brand’s mechanical watches.

So if you’re wanting to make the choice of getting yourself a Carrera, Monaco or Formula 1 from TAG Heuer through a different method, try getting “Connected” first

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