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Audi has finally revealed the details of the modified S8 which goes on sale sometime in 2014 and the obvious questions that come to mind are – what has been modified? How much better do the modifications make the S8? And will it be worthwhile? Let us try to find these answers in the information Audi has made public so far.

How different is different?

The 2014 Audi S8 Body modifications

The body of the S8 has been upgraded with a more lightweight aluminum construction weighing in at a stunning 231 kilograms which is 40% less than steel constructed vehicles. Starting from the rear, the quad exhausts have been upgraded and the Audi S8 is the only Audi car which has two elliptical dual tailpipes, along with advanced LED taillight technology and rear fog lights, while the trunk has been enlarged and can now hold 520 liters. The S8 has been fitted with exclusive adaptive suspension and lightweight carbon ceramic brakes as well as an interior trunk lock. The Audi S8 navigation technology works like a touch pad for entering destinations or for writing out numbers and letter with a finger.

The hood has been modified for a more sculpted look as has the Audi Single frame grille with chrome trim. The Audi S8 side mirrors are heated, power-adjustable and power-folding and are equipped with auto-dimming and LED indicator light technology. The Audi S8 also boasts power-adjustable, spacious and heated sports seats with quilted leather covers, for a comfortable luxurious ride (a dream come true) and is equipped with a three-spoke multi functional sports wheel with shift paddles. Audi S8 navigation system is equipped with voice control and automatic climate control for exceptional comfort. The interior boasts metal trim and buyers will have a choice between wood or carbon fiber accents.

Audi S8

Safety First

Audi took no chances with the new safety features the Audi S8 has been upgraded with passenger head restraint or whiplash protection technology and front and rear ventilated disc brakes. Front and rear mounted air-bags for added protection and head airbags. Night vision assistance, self-leveling headlights and a pre-collision safety system all work to ensure a safer journey. Finally it has active lane assistance which automatically makes adjustments and park assist which will hopefully make parking and switching lanes much easier.

Audi S8

A need for Speed

TSFI has been paired with Quattro all-wheel drive which means that you can go from 0-100 in under 4.1 seconds and the Audi S8 has allegedly outraced all other similar models during trials which is why people are eager to test it. The Audi S8 is much more energy efficient, consuming only 9.6 liters of fuel with every 100 kilometers in other words it releases 225 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The ANC or Active Noise Cancellation technology has been designed with the express purpose of eliminating intruding sound when in four-cylinder mode.

High Expectations

The new look and modified interior and engine have people abuzz and waiting with baited breath for this faster, sleeker more sporty upgrade and we cant wait to test drive it to find out for ourselves if the upgrades have been worthwhile. Audi has never failed to deliver and its fans are hopeful for another success.

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