Triumph Bonneville Shorty by Mr Martini

This is the attention grabbing Triumph Bonneville Shorty by Mr Martini. One of my favorite bikes and bike builders for a long time; Mr Martini (or Nicola to his friends) based in Italy, produce some to best best custom Triumphs in the the business. From Bonnie’s to Scramblers if you want a bad ass custom Triumph, then Mr Martini is your man!

The Bonneville shorty was based on a standard Triumph Bonneville and it’s a 790cc engine, with some slight modifications to improve performance like some undersized gear rotations, BMC Filters and a custom Zard exhaust system. To lighten the bike, the standard steel swingarm was replaced with a lightweight aluminum rectangular cross section combined with a Biturbo damper.

Triumph Bonneville Shorty by Mr Martini

The seven spoke 17” wheels are from a standard Bonneville SE but now with Dunlop Mutant tires, perfect for off-road or zipping around town or the city. A custom aluminum rear fender and a shortened frame, complete the look and of course provide the name ‘Shorty’.

The best bit? Well the best bit is the seat, custom made from an original 1970’s leather jacket with forty years of natural distressing and then piped yellow to match the tank. THIS is the kind of attention to detail that makes this one hell of a stand out custom Bonneville and one hell of a beautiful sight to behold. Damn this looks good.

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