Twisted Red Edition Land Rover Defender

The Twisted Red Edition Land Rover is an enhanced and modified design of the Defender model, with a sleek black exterior contrasting with the scarlet red interior that impresses its owners like the fine lining of a hand-tailored suit. “Twisted” is an automobile designer in Yorkshire, England, who has tweaked Land Rover’s Defender and taken it to a whole new level of style and elegance for what is traditionally a sport utility vehicle.

The initial impression when you first walk up on this vehicle is that it is a powerful beast with its ominous all-black lines and massive 18 inch wheels. But once you enter inside and look around, you soon realize that you are sitting in the lap of luxury, encased in vibrant red leather interior elements which actually cost more than the totality of the exterior aesthetics combined.

You might expect a more powerful V8 under the hood, but the Twisted Red Edition Land Rover still utilizes the 2.2 liter turbodeisel design. However, because you are sitting so high off the ground, you get the sense that the vehicle is really much faster. Perhaps what this all-terrain vehicle is most admired for is its extensive detail in soundproofing technologies. As you turn over the engine, you will notice immediately the lack of noise and the high level of sound deadening effects that only increase its reputation for elegance and sophistication.

No expense was spared in the details of this beautiful automobile, including LED front and rear lighting systems, a black Java grill, and provocative privacy glass.

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Twisted Red Edition