A new Yamaha SR400 came into the hands of Auto Fabrica, with the client wanting a certain degree of nostalgia to the build, so the type 7A went under way. The donor bike was an old chopper conversion which was painted in blue, increasing the clean up time of the project. The rear of the bike was pushed up a bit with new tubing welded onto the spine down to the shock mounts. The forks have been dropped down a bit and hagon shocks bring down the rear to give the bike a better stance without hindering off-road capabilities too much.Auto+Fabrica+Type+7A+(2)+(Large)A Honda CB350 has donated its twin leading shoe drum to upgrade the front stopper on the 7A. Alloy wheel rims and stainless steel spokes have replaced the stock steel rims on the SR400. The engine  was completely rebuilt with a new gasket, bearings and seals. A VM36 Mikuni feeds a Wiseco pistons, slightly oversized, all on a open filter. The type 7A’s exhaust was bent especially for the build with a 2 stroke baffle welded into it.

Auto+Fabrica+Type+7A+(9)+(Large)The seat is a made of brown leather and hand-stitched for the bike. The olive green paint on the tank works wonderfully in combination with the brown leather of the seat. The rest of the bike is finished of with a gloss and matt black paint, completing the nostalgia themed look of the bike. The finish of the bike is a very clean and looks great to invoke those feelings of nostalgia from the good old days.

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